Music To Survive Monday: 5 Essential Knox Fortune Produced Tracks

posted by Luis Hernandez March 13, 2017

SaveMoney’s Knox fortune has been killing the game for a minute in Chicago. One of his biggest moments of late was his appearance on Chance The Rapper’s “All night”, where he added vocals over Kaytranada’s instrumental. Over the past few years, Knox has established himself as one of the many producers on the rise in the city, working with his friends Joey Purp and Vic Mensa. He also is rumored to play a heavy part on Joey Purp’s next project following iiiDrops. Knox’s sound is unique in every way, paired with his ability to sing there’s no stopping this guy on his way to the top. Be on the lookout for his moves in 2017 and make sure to have these five tracks in rotation today to start your week off right.

Scene Girl – Kami

One of my favorite Kami songs of late comes from Knox behind the beat helping creae this hit.

Intro (My Calling) – Towkio

Towkio comes through with of his most aggressive songs of his career over Knox energetic instrumental

Girls @ – Joey Purp feat. Chance the Rapper (Additional Prod. by Peter Cottontale)

I’ve listened to this song probably a billion times and it still never gets old. Press Play.


This song is so dope because it shows off Knox Fortune’s talent not only on the beat, also his great vocals.


Its been 2 years and this track still goes crazy. Leather Corduroys will forever be solidified as one of the best duos to come out of the Chicago. This song in particular thanks to Knox.



Other Dope Sh*t