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Recap: Young The Giant Live at the Riviera Theatre

posted by Oscar March 24, 2014

Saturday night saw the return of Young The Giant to Chicago since releasing their last album, Mind Over Matter. The last time we saw these guys was also in Uptown’s Riviera Theatre and it was actually one of the earliest recaps we did for the site. This time around the tickets came courtesy of after I entered their giveaway for this show and I was lucky enough to win myself a pair, so shout-outs to them for the free show.

The show itself was an experience worth re-telling for the simple fact that I was able to see that Young The Giant has gotten so much better in these last few years. The last time around YTG sure had a great number of fans that helped justify that last Riviera show being able to sell-out, but many of those at the show were fans of “the singles,” and at this show it was much easier to pick out that sort of fan over those who didnt know the lyrics to every song on the set list.

The band has not only gained more experience and improved their stage presence, they’ve also added to their fan-base some loyal people that look to YTG as guiding voices for their lives (stories were exchanged in the time the band’s equipment was set-up) and see them as their favorite band. Another thing that was different this time around was the addition of “bros” at the show, which weren’t a noticeable presence before for this band. And while their passion for YTG was sure a surprise, it only helped make this concert experience that much better because everyone there was genuinely having a great time. Hell, one “Broseph” helped my date and I get a better spot in the pit area just because he felt like it, and throughout the night he would randomly put his arm around me to sing along with the band on songs like “Apartment” and “Cough Syrup” [below]. No one can pump you up more for a concert like a “bro.”

Obviously, the biggest songs of the night included the last two songs I mentioned, but the encore set was really when the night lit up with Young The Giant performing a cover of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” [above] and the closer, “My Body.” I won’t be surprised if the next time around this band moves on to a bigger venue, and whenever that happens, I’ll definitely make sure to get my tickets to see them play and so should you.



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