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POD Exclusive: Interview – YOG$

posted by Alberto February 23, 2014

YOG$We recently caught up with a young producer from Michigan by the name of YOG$. We have featured a few of his projects on the site in the past (Everyday VacationAmbient Pack) and are looking forward to see what he was does in 2014. He has worked with the likes of Casey Veggies, Rockie Fresh, Mic Terror, Smoke DZA and more. Learn a bit about the producer in our exclusive interview below. 

Tell us a little bit about your early influences.
I got College Dropout & Jackpot (Chingy) on (I think it was) my 11th birthday. Vibed out to College Dropout every single day. I probably played Ye’s “New Workout Plan” 50 times a day. Besides that though, I really didn’t get into Hip Hop until I was like 13 or 14. I listened to Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers more. I loved the ambient feel that Led Zeppelin had. RHCP’s “Slow Cheetah” changed my life.
Who would make it onto your “Mount Rushmore” of producers?
I’m not one to not have “favorite things.” Ask me who my favorite rappers are, what my favorite food is, etc., and I’ll tell you. Whenever I get asked who my favorite producers are I go blank though. I’ll get really into a few tracks from certain producers but that’s about it. It’s weird, I know. So much of what is out there is sampled and I never sample. All organic.
For those who may not know who YOG$ is, what are some projects you have worked on?
Rickie Jacobs “Remember To Smile” just came out, I have 3 tracks on there including one with Smoke DZA. That’s doing really well. Casey Veggies & Rockie Fresh’s “Fresh Veggies.” Niko G4’s “Roll The Dice.” I have my own project “Everyday Vacation.” There’s more out there too.
We recently got an early copy of Mic Terror’s FPOD. What was it like working with Mic? How did that collaboration come about?
I don’t remember how I heard of Mic, but I started feeling some of his tracks so I hit him up to get some work in. I think I was about 16 at the time. I’m 19 now. I sent him a pack of beats back then, and he was really feelin’ like one or two of them. One of them ended up being the “No Panties” track that’s on FPOD. To be completely honest I haven’t even heard the track yet. Cool to do some work with Treated Crew though.
What can we expect from YOG$ for the rest of 2014?
A major album placement. That’s probably the next step for me. I’ve been on multiple mixtapes that did numbers, but that album placement is what I’m coming after now, and I’m gonna get it.



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