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Action Bronson Blue Chips 2 Tour In Chicago

posted by Alex January 25, 2014

Action Bronson Blue Chips 2 Tour

As soon as we heard about Action Bronson coming through Chicago’s Metro for his Blue Chips 2 tour, we had to cop tickets as soon as we could. We’ve caught Bronson at SoundSet as well as the last time he was in Chicago at Reggie’s, both times were great and we expected nothing less this time around. As we witnessed with the original Blue Chips project, whenever Bronson and Party Supplies get together magic does seem to happen. Bronson has a great relationship with Chicago’s talent (Closed Sessions, Alex Wiley, Chance The Rapper, Thelonious Martin to name a few), and we were excited to see if he would happen to bring any local talent up on stage.

The night started off with Party Supplies composing a set and showing the audience how talented the duo really is. They killed a Jimmy Buffet cover as well as pretty much all of their set. Although amateurs from the audience were confused as to exactly who the pair was and why they were playing at an Action Bronson show, the majority of the people knew the importance of the duo and how important they were to the show.

Once Party Supplies finished their set, people knew exactly what time it was. R. Kelly’s “Step In the Name of Love” started playing and the crowd went nuts as Bronson came out from behind stage. He kicked off the night with “Silverado” to officially start off the night. His presence reminds me of how people would react on WWE’s Monday Night RAW when Stone Cold Steve Austin would come out. He threw out G-Pens as if it was Stone Cold throwing Budweiser cans to the audience.

Early on in his set, he brought out Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper as they performed “NaNa” from Chance’s Acid Rap. As soon as Chance came out, the crowd went crazy. The majority of the crowd was in tune with each one of their lyrics and at one time recited louder during Bronson’s “When my hair is slick back I look like Rick Pitino” line.

Later on through Bronson’s set, he ended up in the crowd. Similar to WWE wrestlers, Bronson jumped the cage and was in the crowd still rapping. He ended up in the balcony of The Metro hanging out with the crowd never going off beat. Bronson showed that he is a man of the people and made his way back to the stage shortly after.

Bronson was on stage for about an hour and it was unfortunate, because the people wanted more. Due to the show being an all ages event, the show had to end at 10PM. Action showed exactly why he is one of the more entertaining hip hop acts in the industry at the moment. If the Blue Chips 2 Tour is coming to a city near you, make sure to be present. You’ll definitely be sorry if you miss this act!





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