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Recap: KRS-One Live at The Shrine

posted by Oscar October 14, 2013

Friday night, October 12, 2013 was one of those nights that truly encompass the culture of The Shrine. There was Reggae, there was Hip Hop and there was the legendary KRS-One. The packed-house crowd were treated to an undeniably cool show.

The night got going with a good set of Reggae music from a live band. The group set the mood perfectly with a chill vibe that instantly got the people in attendance grooving. The house DJ kept the party going in between sets by excellently mixing classic and contemporary Hip Hop tracks that resulted in dance circles and breakdancers showing off their best moves. Dudes of all ages were popping and locking, “waving” and some pretty cool head-spins.

Illuminati Congo brought their signature blend of Reggae and Hip Hop and absolutely lit up the stage at The Shrine. The chill grooves of their beats were great for the ears but lead singer Jahn The Baptist’s ferocious delivery of line after line of socially-charged lyrics (and the occasional track about a particular plant that plenty of those in the crowd were familiar with) were an excellent sonic combination. The group finished their set with a truly unique fashion, bringing on The Shrine’s own Mr. GreenWeeds to spit a couple of lines as did a couple of men standing in the crowd who did a great job of their own on the mic. There’s a video on my Instagram that shows one of the guys in the crowd rocking the mic.

When it was time for KRS-One to hit the stage, the club was filled with an inexplicable vibe that was felt in the air that night that very well may have been the result of the anticipation that builds for seeing a Hip Hop legend. Once the Bronx native hit the stage, the man was electric during live renditions of classics like “Step Into A World (Rapture’s Delight)” and “Sound of da Police” as well as freestyles. KRS-One preached to fans about being better prepared in life, stopping the violence in the streets and most of all he spoke about appreciating the art of Hip Hop.

Seeing him perform live made it a complete Hip Hop experience that proved just why he’s such a legend in this genre.



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