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Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend) Reviews Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same’

posted by Oscar October 9, 2013

Drake - Nothing Was The Same

Although we didn’t get to review it,  one person that did take the time to check out and review the latest effort from Drake, Nothing Was The Same, was none other than Vampire Weekend’s lead singer Ezra Koenig.

The Indie Rock God of the 21st Century put himself to the task of writing the review for The Talkhouse and it turns out he gave the album an equivalent of a Macho Man on our Dopeness Factor, even though he didn’t listen to it in its entirety. Read an excerpt below.

I gotta be honest — I didn’t listen to the whole thing. Obviously, it’s good. You think a Canadian child actor would be this successful as a rapper if he wasn’t good? The dude was sitting on 25 mil at age 25! (I would love to see some documentation on that, by the way. I’m not saying he didn’t have 25 mil, I’m just saying some of that was probably real estate and maybe like potential earnings from complicated endorsement deals.) People love him because he’s good! He gets 10 outta 10, OK?

I have heard SOME of it. I heard that one called “Worst Behaviour,” the “motherfuckers never loved us” one – it really struck a chord. There are SO many motherfuckers out there. I’ve been making music since I was seven years old (started with piano) so I’ve been betrayed more times than I can count. You know how many people talk shit behind your back and then try to be your best friend over the course of 22 years in the industry?? Drake only got into music like five years ago, so if you see how angry he is — IMAGINE HOW I FEEL.

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