Allen Iverson Retires; Top 10 Career Plays

posted by Oscar October 30, 2013

Allen Iverson, A.I., The Answer, formally announced his retirement from professional basketball earlier today (Oct. 30). This guy was one of the brightest and most exciting players to watch of his generation, but after 15 seasons and just one Finals appearance, he never got to win that ring. However, A.I. won Rookie of the Year (’97), MVP (2001), 11 All-Star appearances (2x All-Star MVP) and 4 league Scoring Championships. I always enjoyed watching this guy play back when he was on the rise and in his prime, so it’s sad to see this guy’s time to hang up his jersey has come.

The NBA put together a list of Top 10 plays spanning his career, which include some real gems, that you can check out above. Thanks for the memories, Mr. “Practice.”



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