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Recap: Lili K. / Nylo / Shayna Love/ Angel Katz – Live at Hard Rock Cafe

posted by Oscar July 3, 2013

Ladies Night at HardRockChicago’s Hard Rock Café hosted a special “Ladies Night” that featured live performances from Angel Katz, Nylo, Shayna Love and Lili K.

All the ladies featured that night put on an excellent show during their respective sets. Nylo’s R&B stylings, Lili K’s Jazzy grooves and Shayna Love’s blending of Reggae, Jazz and even Rap fully entertained the crowd and shined a light on the emerging Chicago talent.

See live footage and pics we captured from that night below.

Nylo Live at Hard Rock Cafe (6/28)

Lili K. Live at Hard Rock Cafe (6/28)

Shayna Love Live at Hard Rock Cafe (6/28)



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