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Recap: Just For Laughs Chicago at Stage 773 (6/14)

posted by Oscar June 15, 2013

Just For Laughs Chicago_ jflJFL Chicago continued Friday night and I was there to catch some shows at Stage 773. This time around I had to cover the shows solo and while it was still enjoyable, something was telling me that I was setting myself up for something bad.

After getting there a bit later than usual, I hung out at the bar waiting for the next round of shows to start up where I ended up seeing Kumail have to pay $12 for vodka and red bull and so I proceeded to go for the $4 PBR tallboy to get me ready for what was in store for the night.

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction

This show pins a number of comedians reading out their erotic fan fiction about any given character/person from pop culture, the first batch picking their own topic while the second group wrote theirs based on audience suggestions. One the bill that night were Ben Kronberg, Ben Roy, Bryan Cook, Johnny Pemberton, Kyle Kinane, Michelle Buteau, Mike Burns, and Mike Stanley. Topics included TV shows Muppet Babies & Family Matters, Archie Comics, and Guy Fieri. Everything that was covered was absolutely filthy, a bit too crazy to even quote, but it sure was damn funny.

Look out for this show when it becomes a Podcast.

The Nasty Show

This late-night showcase was something else. Perfectly fine and funny standup set from Kurt Metzger and Ben Roy, but headliner Bridget Everett’s set was the only one that really did live up to the show’s name. Bridget Everett’s set included a lot of dancing and incredible show(wo)manship, which included a lot of flashing and even the occasional “motorboat” (look it up). I was one of the “lucky” few to get picked out by Everett and I got my face forced onto her chest, making that the first time I ever had that happen without me wanting it in the first place. It was all in good fun and made for a good show. Check out a performance of that act below.

Ben Roy

Bridget Everett




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