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Recap: Just For Laughs Chicago at Stage 773 (6/13)

posted by Oscar June 14, 2013

Just For Laughs Chicago_ jflLast night we went out to Stage 773 again to check out some more hilarious shows and it turned out to be a great night of comedy once more. On our list of acts to see were standup and podcaster (The Champs) Moshe Kasher, Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net, and The Combo curated by Team Coco and not one of those disappointed.

Moshe Kasher

We started the evening with Moshe Kasher, who we’ve been listening to on The Champs with Neal Brennan and their mostly all-black guest list. Kasher’s brilliance was most evident with his crowd work, picking on the tardy walk-ins and performing whole bits based on the information given to him by the 15-16 year olds and the young couple sitting in the front-row. Kasher talked about the most expensive “jerk” he ever had, his “hipster before hipster was a thing” fashion sense and the incident that helped him be prepared him for his first-ever real relationship. We had an interview with Mike Burns to do so we couldn’t catch the end of the show, but we did get to hear a bit of his insults thrown at us for walking out.

Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net

For those that may know, this show consists of multiple comedians (one at a time) tackling a set-list of stand-up comedy bits that they have no idea and barely make any sense. For last night’s first showcase, the list of comedians that would take on Set List for us were Kumail Nanjiani, Moshe Kasher, Brendon Walsh, Renee Gauthier and Todd Barry. With topics like “robot’s robot,” “Pussynomics,” and “christcoach,” the improvised comedy we all got to witness was awesome and got us wanting to check more of these.

The Combo curated by Team Coco

Finally, we checked out The Combo, which included comedians Paul F. Tompkins and Brendon Walsh. PFT was first up and he killed it, as expected. Touched on the story about the night he proposed to his now wife and LA’s The Magic Castle. To avoid stepping on of his punchlines, I will finish this up by simply saying that the dapperest of dapper, Mr. PFT, couldn’t have done a better job than what he did to explain just how unromantic a proposal can be and just how much of a waste of time The Magic Castle may be. Brendon Walsh was a great headliner with a hilarious intro and funny bits about the weird places he’s done stand-up in and Maury. See a set by Walsh at Just For Laughs Chicago 2013 below.



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