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Video: Rare Smiths/Morrissey Solo Debut Footage From 1988 Performance is Unearthed

posted by Oscar May 23, 2013

Dear fans of the Smiths: Here’s something that will melt your heart.

Some very rare footage of a gig that former Smiths frontman Morrissey played with the band in 1988 has been unearthed. The thing is, for those less familiar with the band’s history, this took place AFTER they’d split up so Morrissey could pursue a solo career.

Apparently a Smiths reunion wasn’t always impossible.

See the FULL show above; read details about the show below.

The surprising show took place at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on Dec. 22, 1988 and fans were able to gain entry by wearing either a Smiths or Morrissey t-shirt (that’s it?!). One thing that must be noted is that guitarist Johnny Marr declined participating in this live show, so was replaced by Craig Gannon.

Funny bit of trivia about this rare show… While the members of the band were performing alongside Morrissey that night in ’88, they were also in the middle of their lawsuit with the frontman which they put it aside (at least this time around) for this special reunion show.

The set-list for this never-before aired show included Morrissey solo tracks and a few Smiths songs.

Morrissey Live At Wolverhampton Civic Hall 1988 Set List:
Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before
Interesting Drug
The Last of The Famous International Playboys
Death at One’s Elbow
Sweet and Tender Hooligan




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