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The Clash Sound System + The Clash Hits Back

posted by Oscar May 21, 2013

On 9th September legendary Punk band, The Clash, are set to release 2 special projects including a massive boxset worthy of their amazing legacy. The band is releasing The Clash Sound System, a boxset featuring every studio album as well as singles, rarities, B-sides and collectibles, and they will also be releasing The Clash Hits Back, a 2-CD album of the band’s historic 1982 Brixton Fairdeal show.

As a fan of the band, I would love to get a copy of this and I would highly suggest you get yourself one as well. Details of the new releases are below.

The Clash Sound System:

The Clash Sound System

The Clash Sound System Boxset was designed and compiled by The Clash, collected for the first time featuring  all of the band’s seminal studio albums remastered plus 3 CD demos, non-album singles, rarities and B-sides, DVD of all videos with unseen footage by Julien Temple and Don Letts, original and newly commissioned Clash fanzines, exclusive poster, dog tags, stickers, badges and more.

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The Clash Hits Back:

The Clash Hits Back

2-CD album, featuring 33 of the band’s iconic tracks, sequenced from their legendary Brixton Fairdeal show in 1982. Containing the best studio recordings of the full set, plus 8 extra tracks and the original setlist, as handwritten by Joe Strummer, which he usually tapped to the back of his Telecaster before each gig.

“Every show was different. Joe would spend a lot of time composing the running order, considering dynamics, emotional impact and the key the songs were in. This record is based on Joe’s setlist from The Casbah Club UK Tour, Brixton Fairdeal, 10th July 1982” – Mick, Paul & Topper.

See some cut-out show extras below.

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