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Events: Budweiser Made In America

posted by Oscar April 17, 2013

Much like they did last year, Budweiser has put together another edition of their Made In America Events. These events (as noted on their site): “Great Music, Great Food And Great Beer Are Just The Start!” We attended last year’s stop in Chicago and were part of the crowd that was treated to all three things listed as part of the event and genuinely enjoyed the party.

Made In America Events started this year in Tampa, FL earlier this month and will run until August, making stops around the country in cities like Dallas, Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC and Boston among many others.

See when you can RSVP for a Budweiser Made In America event in your town at this link:

As of this date (4/17/13), Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Albuquerque are open for RSVP’s. Sign up as soon as possible to make sure you’re part of this; dates with links are those that are live and available for RSVP’s.

  • Houston (04/26/13)
  • Austin (04/30/13)
  • Dallas (05/03/13)
  • Oklahoma City (05/07/13)
  • Albuquerque (05/13/13)
  • Phoenix (05/16/13
  • Los Angeles (05/21/13)
  • San Francisco (06/05/13)
  • Seattle (06/09/13)
  • Salt Lake City (06/13/13)
  • Denver (06/19/13)
  • St. Louis (06/25/13)
  • Minnesota (06/27/13)
  • Chicago (07/2/13)
  • Indianapolis 07/09/13)
  • Detroit (07/11/13)
  • Cleveland (07/16/13)
  • Pittsburgh (07/18/13)
  • Columbus (07/23/13)
  • Nashville (07/26/13)
  • Washington (07/31/13)

*Must be 21+ in age to attend.



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