Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday/50th Sports Illustrated Cover

posted by jncova February 16, 2013


In celebration of Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, Sports Illustrated has given him the February 18th cover. Not only is this Jordan’s 50th birthday, but this is also MJ’s 50th cover. Details on the issue after the jump.

In this issue, writer Phil Taylor examines MJ’s lasting effect on basketball – and sports in general. Taylor also looks at MJ’s recent role as a basketball executive for the Charlotte Bobcats. Jordan is still standing his ground with refusing to grant interviews to Sports Illustrated stemming back to beginning of his basketball hiatus. In this February 18th issue, you will also find all 50 MJ covers, “50 reasons we’ll never forget him,” and the perfect 50 dunk that sealed his legend.

The game misses you, Jordan. Chicago misses its glory days. The time has come for Chicago to reclaim its Championship status. It’s coming. Just wait.

Pick up your issue in stores.



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