ESPN the Magazine Music Issue

posted by Oscar February 5, 2013

ESPN The Magazine has rounded up several athletes for a special music-inspired issue. For the photo shoot, athletes like Alex Morgan and Ryan Lochte recreate famous album covers. The clip above shows beautiful soccer star Alex Morgan’s photo shoot in which she plays the role of Katy Perry.

See the rest of the special shoot from ESPN after the jump.
Alex Morgan as Katy Perry – One Of The Boys

(Credit: Matthias Clamer)


Jimmie Johnson as Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

(Credit: Matthias Clamer)


James Stewart as Rick James – Street Songs

(Credit: Matthias Clamer)


Ryan Lochte as the Nevermind baby (Nirvana)

(Credit: Matthias Clamer)


Trent Richardson, LaMarr Woodley, Marshawn Lynch as Run DMC – Ultimate Run DMC

(Credit: Matthias Clamer)


Josh Freeman as Michael Jackson – Thriller


(From left) Justin Upton, Evan Longoria, Brandon Phillips, Giancarlo Stanton and Shane Victorino as Devo – Freedom Of Choice

(Credit: Matthais Clamer)


Allyson Felix as Beyonce – Dangerously In Love

(Credit: Matthias Clamer)




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