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Recap: Chance The Rapper’s AcidRapLive Show at Metro

posted by Alberto November 24, 2012

Chance The Rapper’s first headlining show since his show at Lincoln Hall back in June took place last night (11/23/12) at the Metro. Chance had been promoting the show very heavily and even went to high schools all across the city to promote the big event. All of the hard work paid off as the show officially sold-out hours before the doors opened last night. Vic Lloyd and Milo & Otis opened up the night with some great sets and the addition of elder statesman Mikey Rocks gave the night a great mix of new and veteran Chicago talent.

Milo & Otis

Sir Michael Rocks – “I’m Doggin'”

Chance had a very good set, as usual, as he largely performed songs off of the POD favorite 10Day. Chance also mixed in some new songs off of his forthcoming project, AcidRap. Chance not only performed new songs like “YOLO” and “JUICE” off of his forthcoming project, but he also gave us a better glimpse of the new material to come by performing two new tracks and needless to say, we are definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of the project. Chance also brought out many special guests throughout the night like Vic Mensa, Alex Wiley, Kembe X and his SaveMoney crew. He also brought out Lili K, Peter Cottontail and the rest of his band towards the end of his set to perform tracks like “Prom Night,” “Brain Cells” and what seemed to be the crowd favorite and closing number, “Hey Ma.” During the set, Chance also brought out the likes of  Lorine Chia to perform “Living In Vain” and Milo & Otis to perform “Lift Up.” Check out some footage from the sold-out show below and be on the lookout for AcidRap.

Chance The Rapper – “Hey Ma”

Chance The Rapper – “Favorite Song” (New Song)

Chance The Rapper – “JUICE”

Chance The Rapper feat. Vic Mensa – “Family”

Chance The Rapper – “Fuck You Tahm Bout”



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