No Love for the Bulls

posted by motorj77 November 1, 2012

Where is the love for Chicago? The NBA season is under way and I’ve yet to hear anything about the Bulls.  It seems to me that the world has forgotten about the Bulls because Rose is not on the court. I think this is ridiculous. To me, the Bulls have more chemistry than any team out there.  Although Rose is the team’s best player, the Bulls are a TEAM. They are not a “Big Three” or a one-man team.  Unlike many of the other teams, the Bulls will pick up the slack with their best player gone.

Yes, the Bulls did fail to advance in the playoffs after Rose’s injury, but the team had been injury plagued throughout the entire season. Rose’s injury was the last straw. Assuming the rest of the team can stay healthy, Rose will be able to fit right in when he gets back. I believe that Boozer will have a big year.  Deng will continue to get better and should be an all-star again. Noah is getting older and wiser and Hamilton played well when he wasn’t hurt. Hinrich who is essentially taking Rose’s place will play very well and fit right in with the team.

The “Bench Mob 2.0” has not caught the interest of many fans but I think they will do well. The Bulls still have Taj Gibson who I believe can be a starter on many other teams, and should be a candidate for 6th man of the year. Nate Robinson was a nice pick up. He brings the experience that I don’t think Watson or “the third” had.  I really like Jimmy Butler. I hope he gets a good amount of playing time. Mohammed and Belinelli should pick up where Asik and Korver left off.

Now, I don’t think that the Bulls can win a title without an asset like Rose, but I do think that the Bulls will continue to win throughout the season and hold it down until Rose gets back. If Rose is back in time to get some work in before the playoffs, they definitely have a chance to win the title.

What really angers me is that most reports I have read, don’t even have the Bulls in the top ten.  ESPN has them at 12. Other sites even have them lower. Just because I’m a Bulls fan doesn’t mean I think they should be number one but even without Rose, I think they crack the top ten. It’s cool though, because all of this is fuel to the fire. The Bulls will hold it down and if or when Rose returns, they will show the league. No need for a “Big Three” when you have A TEAM.

The Bulls were 50-16 last season. Rose only played in 39 of those games.

The Bulls will crack everyone’s top ten by the end of the season. With or without Rose. Lets hope its with.



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