Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

posted by Raulito October 23, 2012

Welcome to the Pursuit of Dopeness NFL power rankings. Yes, we know the NFL season is already going into its eight week but hey as the saying goes, better late than never.

After seven weeks, we still have one perfect team in the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons are 6-0 , but are they the best team in the NFL?  That’s definitely up for debate, but for now they do top spot in the POD NFL power rankings.

  1.  FALCONS (6-0) – The Falcons are the only undefeated team left. Lets see what they show against the Eagles this week after coming off a bye week.
  2. BEARS (5-1) – The ageless defense continues to do what they do best. If the defense continues to do what they are doing, they will take the number one spot in the power rankings.
  3. TEXANS (6-1) – The Texans had a great 30 point win over the Ravens after loosing to the Packers last week. They are definitely the team to beat in the AFC.
  4. GIANTS (5-2) – With another amazing come back, the Giants show why they are one of the elite teams in the NFL. They still need the defense to step up in order to keep the wining streak alive.
  5. PACKERS (4-3)- Aaron Rodgers has a message for the NFL , he is still the best QB in the league. Lets see how the defense holds up with the injury to Charles Woodson.
  6. 49rs (4-3) – The message is clear they do not trust Alex Smith. How long will the defense hold up until they need him to play better.
  7. PATRIOTS (4-3) – They barely beat the Jets in over time last week. They seem to be off , they need to overcome there offs and downs in order to stay on top of the AFC East.
  8. VIKINGS (5-2) – Adrian Peterson seems to be back to his pre ACL AP. The 5-2 record speaks for itself.
  9. RAVENS (5-2) – The injury to Ray Lewis seems to be a major set back for the Ravens who are known for there defense. Lets see how they bounce back after the 30 point loss to the Texans.
  10. BRONCOS (3-3) – Peyton Manning seems to be back to his old self. Coming off a bye week, lets see what they do this week.
  11. STEELERS (3-3) – The Steelers continue to fight the injury bug. They did come up with a division road win. Very interested to see how the game plans changes for Big Ben.
  12. SEAHAWKS (4-3) – Middle of the pack team. The Seahawks have a great defense but on the offensive side of the ball, well lets say its a different story.
  13. EAGLES (3-3) – The era for defensive coordinator Juan Castillo is over in Philly. Will Mike Vick be the next person to be let go ?
  14. COWBOYS (3-3) – Tony Romo finally had a game without throwing an interception last week. He needs to start playing at a high level in order for this season not to be a lost one. If they beat the Giants this week , they will be able to start turning the season around.
  15. CARDINALS ( 4-3) – The Cardinals need to beat the 49rs on MNF in order to be considered a contender once again.
  16. REDSKINS (3-4) – The Redskins will eventually start wining those close games. Could you imagine what RG3 would be like with a  top notch receiver and a better supporting cast ?
  17. DOLPHINS (3-3) – Believe it or not they Dolphins are about to start the soft spot in their schedule. They should win the next few games, thus being a contender for a playoff spot.
  18. BENGALS (3-4) – What could we say about the Bengals, this was definitely a team that we thought would have a better record. Andy Dalton needs to keep connecting with his receivers to make sure they stay in the hunt.
  19. CHARGERS (3-3) – The good thing for the Chargers is that they have the Browns and the Chiefs the next two weeks. The bad thing about this is that these two games aren’t as easy as we think they should be for the Chargers.
  20. JETS (3-4) – There is a time bomb in the Jets bench that people are ready to see , Tim Tebow. When will the Jets give him more playing time? The loss last week was not Mark Sanchez’ fault , but something tells me that he will get blamed for it regardless of the dropped balls from his receivers.
  21. RAMS (3-4) – Jeff Fisher has turned this team into a team that is not longer a walk in the park for everyone. He still has a long way to go but I like what I see so far.
  22. LIONS (2-4) – I don’t know what happened to the once explosive offense. After getting dominated by the Bears last night the Lions need to get the wheel rolling again if they don’t want to become the Lions of the past once again.
  23. TITANS (3-4) – Did we see the second coming of Chris Johnson? Only time will tell.
  24. COLTS (3-3) – Andrew Luck is rushing for TDS just like RG3. They will not be an easy game for anyone, if they decide to wake up they will be in the playoff race.
  25. SAINTS (2-4) – At 2-4 don’t count the Saints out. They will keep fighting and scoring 40 + points a game in order to get back above .500
  26. BILLS (3-4) – Didn’t really expect too much from Ryan Fitzpatrick but I definitely didn’t expect the defense to allow more than 32 points per game.
  27. BUCCANEERS (2-4) – The defense looks terrible but at least Josh Freeman decided to start throwing the ball again.
  28. RAIDERS (2-4) – Looks like the Raiders will have another very high first round pick next season. They were able to beat the Jaguars in overtime last week.
  29. BROWNS (1-6) – Will the Jimmy Haslam era be a new start for the Browns? We are yet to find out.
  30. PANTHERS (1-5) – Cam Newton is making horrible mistakes. Hopefully, his sophomore slump will end soon. Things will be better next year for the Panthers with a new GM.
  31. CHIEFS (1-5) – Matt Cassel or Brady Quinn does it even matter ?
  32. Jaguars (1-5) – The Jaguars could basically kiss this season good bye with the injury to MJD.



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