THIS. Worldwide Fall 2012 Lookbook

posted by Alex October 2, 2012

THIS. Worldwide is based here in the beautiful city of Chicago. We were able to get our hands on their Fall 2012 Lookbook, which features ShowYouSuck and Auggie the 9th. 

We’re pretty big fans of THIS. Worldwide because they are coming up with stuff that stands out from what other people are currently doing. THIS. Worldwide is built upon two tenets:


it is not new news; the world is a fucked up place. ruled by hungry power mongers, the direction of society is being steered by a very few, whether you realize it or not. they have been the ones to tell us how to behave and what to think, and they have hoodwinked us to carry out their vision of the world. but what about ours?

THIS. Worldwide is an effort to build a new consciousness. the name THIS. is a declaration of truth, pointing out what undeniably stands right in front of us. our brand encompasses this message and creates classic quality clothing for those that strive for a new “truth”. every product that we make carries this spirit, mixing old and new.


our mission is to destroy whatever limitations we may face in our pursuit for truth, whether externally forced or self-imposed, and rebuild our understanding of the world with a new vision.

we do this for the conscious goons, the ones that give a fuck about the direction of the world and want to reclaim their voice from the powers that be.

Hit em up and pick up some merch! Check out their online store HERE!

Check out their online store HERE!



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