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Recap: Yelawolf Live at House of Blues Chicago

posted by Alberto October 29, 2012

The Slumerican Tour made its way to Chicago’s House of Blues this past Wednesday. The show featured performances by Chicago’s ShowYouSuck, along with Slumerican members Rittz, DJ Vajra and of course Yelawolf.

ShowYouSuck kicked off the show accompanied by Auggie the 9th with a very energetic performance of “Chon Chon.” There were no breaks in Show’s performance as he kept the songs coming one after the other. ShowYouSuck performed songs like “All Based Everything” and “Mom Jeans” off of his One Man Pizza Party 2: Mo Slices, Mo Problems. Show also performed some of his newer material like “John Waters” and “All Love Everything” off of his Girls, Girls, Girls EP. ShowYouSuck and Auggie The 9th ended the set with one of my personal favorite songs, “Hunter Hearst Helmsley.” Be on the lookout for Show’s new project, One Man Pizza Party 3: Rest In Pizza.

DJ Vajra hit the stage immediately after Show and kept the crowd entertained with his set. His set went on for about 30 minutes leading up to the arrival of Rittz. Rittz, the latest Strange Music signee, gave the crowd a very good performance to no one’s surprise. The crowd was hooked to every word on songs like “Pie” and “Sleep At Night” off of his White Jesus: Revival project. The crowd seemed to very excited when Rittz went on to perform “Bloody Murdah,” which features Strange Music founder, Tech N9ne. Rittz ended his set with the always crowd-pleasing “High Five” off of the same project.

The headliner of the night, Yelawolf, hit the stage a little over ten minutes after Rittz’ 35 minute-plus performance. With no exaggeration, I can say Yelawolf is one of the best performers I have ever seen live. His stage presence is probably only matched by Lupe Fiasco in hip hop today. One perfect example of this at the show was when a fan crowd-surfed during the hit set and ended up at the front of the stage, Yelawolf proceeded to bring the fan on stage and then stage dived alongside the fan into the packed crowd.

Yelawolf’s set consisted of a lot of older material that the fans were definitely hoping to hear. Song’s like “Daddy’s Lambo” and “Good To Go” off of Trunk Music: 0 -60 were some of the songs that got the best reception from those at the show. Yelawolf brought out Rittz mid-way through his set to perform “Gutter” and “Box Chevy.” Yelawolf kept Rittz on stage to have the crowd congratulate Rittz on his signing with the Strange Music label. Yelawolf followed his performance alongside Rittz with a Beastie Boys tribute. Yelawolf also gave the crowd in attendance a taste of new music by performing songs off of his joint project with Travis Barker. Yelawolf’s performance of last song of the night, “Push Em,” was probably the best performance of the night. It was a great ending to yet another great Yelawolf concert in Chicago. You can never go wrong with going to a Yelawolf show. Be sure to pick up Yelawolf and Travis Barker’s Psycho White EP on November 13th.

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