Kate Upton Outtakes From Terry Richardson

posted by Alex October 14, 2012

Kate Upton

Happy Sunday Morning! While browsing through Terry Richardson’s Diary, I was able to check out some outtakes that he took for Kate Upton.  These were probably from Kate’s “Many Talents Video”. I’ll stop talking and let you hit the jump where you’ll find more of these pics and the “Many Talents of Kate Video” to refresh your mind!

kate-upton-by-terry-richardson-for-gq-3 kate-upton-by-terry-richardson-for-gq-5 kate-upton-by-terry-richardson-for-gq-2 kate-upton-by-terry-richardson-for-gq-6 kate-upton-by-terry-richardson-for-gq-1

Since you got this far into the post, here’s a bonus! Everyone’s favorite Kate Upton video. Enjoy, while Kate Upton does the “Cat Daddy”.



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