Axl Rose’s Interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

posted by Oscar October 25, 2012

The legendary front man for one of music’s greatest groups of all time, Axl Rose, sat down last night with Jimmy Kimmel for his first television interview in two decades Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Out to promote Guns N’ Roses forthcoming Las Vegas residency, the typically exuberant Axl appeared uncomfortable at first, answering questions about his past with short responses, that ringing especially true when the questions turned to the band’s original lineup. Check it out below.

Axl loosened up when Jimmy asked him some Twitter-submitted questions which revolved around his cornrows and his notorious punctuality problems, even laughing along as Kimmel showed a picture of an Oscar Wilde quote hanging in his home reading “Punctuality is  the thief of time.”

Best of all, Axl ended this special appearance by giving two people in the audience tickets to the band’s upcoming residency and invited everyone else at the studio for a burger from a truck the GNR singer brought with him.



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