NFL Predictions

posted by motorj77 September 20, 2012

The NFL Season is finally upon us. After two weeks of play, we have seen a lot of good and a lot of bad (referees). By now everyone has made their predictions on the Super Bowl winner. We have either jumped in joy at our teams victories or thrown a remote at the tv because of a loss. No matter what it is, the NFL is back and in full swing. Here are my predictions for this NFL Season.

I’ll start off by giving you my choices to win their division.

In the AFC East the Patriots will hold off the Jets and Bills to win the division. By the end of the season, no one will even remember that Miami has a team. Kind of like how Tannehill doesn’t know the divisions.

The Ravens will edge the Steelers in the AFC North. It will be a close race with the Bengals trailing right behind. The Browns wont stand a chance.

The AFC South will be dominated by the Texans. The rest of teams will battle to not end up in last.

The Chargers will beat out the Broncos to take the AFC West.

In the NFC, the Eagles will beat out both the Giants and Cowboys and take the division. This will probably be one of the most exciting divisions to watch. However, lets not forget about Griffin and the Redskins who will look to prove themselves in a very tough division.

Another exciting division to follow will be the NFC North. I predict that Green Bay will win the division. The Bears and Lions will battle for second. If Forte does not remain healthy, the Lions will take second.

I think the Falcons are a lock to win the NFC South. The Saints are off to a 0-2 start but will bounce back to give them a run for their money. At the end, the Falcons will be at the top.

Arizona has made some noise after beating the Patriots but will lose the division to the NFC’s second best team, the 49ers.

The NFC will title will come down to two teams, the Packers and 49ers. I predict that the Packers will win the conference and advance to the Super Bowl.

The AFC will be a tough one to call. I think that it comes down to two teams as well, the Ravens and Texans. I’m having a very difficult time deciding who will win this conference. Il go ahead and predict that the Texans will take the conference and face the Packers.

My Super Bowl prediction is the Packers beating the Texans.

There you have it, what are yours?



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