Mexico Beats Brazil for the Olympic Gold Medal

posted by Oscar August 11, 2012

Photo: Medio Tiempo (Facebook)

An already historic event for Mexico took a turn for the better as their Olympic soccer team beat world-favorites Brazil in the final to take home the gold.

It took Mexico just 29 seconds to get on the board when Aquino blocked Brazil’s attempt to boot a ball from their side of the field and found an open Oribe Peralta who easily shot it to the bottom of the left post that ended in the back of the net. Mexico held on to the lead with a strong performance from the midfield and the defense thanks to the performances of Carlos Salcido, Hiram Mier, Diego Reyes and “Chatón” Enríquez.

Brazilian coach Mano Menezes grew desperate and brought in Porto’s star forward Hulk at just the 30 minute mark in the first half to liven up his offense. The last 5 minutes of the first half showed plenty of promise as Neymar, Oscar, Hulk, and Damião pressed forward and attacked relentlessly although ultimately not being able to get a goal past the Mexicans.

The second half started much like the first half had ended with Brazil knocking at their opponent’s goal without much to show for it on the scoreboard. But Mexico kept a cool head and played the counter attack, attempting to take advantage of their opponent’s strong offensive presence and dodgy defense. A foul near the Brazilian corner lead to a free kick, which Marco Fabian crossed in to find Oribe Peralta who once again got his shot past GK Gabriel at the 75th minute.


Mexico would go on to win the match 2-1 (Hulk scored in the 91 minute) and were crowned Olympic champions. This was the third official final match in which Mexico has defeated Brazil (Confederations Cup ’99 & U-17 World Cup ’04 were the other two).

Mexico makes history as it wins its first gold medal in soccer, while Brazil were kept at bay once more and had to settle for their third silver medal.

¡Viva México!



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