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Album Review: Nas-Life Is Good

posted by Alberto July 16, 2012

Nas is back with a new album for the first time since 2008 and it’s his tenth studio album as a solo artist.  The album had been in works since last year when Nas released “Nasty” in August, which still managed to make it into the album despite having been out for almost a year. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League handle the production on the opening track, “No Introduction.” It is a great start to a very impressive album. The next standout track is “Queens Story” in which he spazzes from beginning to end rapping about his hometown. The Rick Ross-assisted “Accident Murderers” is the following track, released last month, in which he raps about murderers that murder innocent people. Rick Ross doesn’t stay on topic on the second verse, but Nas gets the song back on track with his third verse speaking about different individuals that didn’t deserve to be paying that ultimate price.

No I.D. produced five tracks on the album, only Salaam Remi produced more tracks than him on this project. The two best No I.D.-produced tracks on the album are “Daughters” and ‘“Loco-Motive.” They are two completely different tracks but are dope in their own ways. The best Salaam Remi-produced track is “The Don” which is actually co-produced by the late Heavy D and Chicago’s own Da Internz. “Summer On Smash” features Miguel and Swizz Beatz; it looks good on paper but it didn’t end up being the smash I expected it to be. Miguel should have handled the hook duties and Swizz could have thrown in a few adlibs in here and there to add to the hook.

The late Amy Winehouse is featured on the smooth Salaam Remi-produced track “Cherry Wine.” She provided a very good hook while Nas does just as he had been doing up to this point in the album and delivers three nice verses.  “Bye Baby,” the track that was co-produced by Drake’s producer Noah ’40’ Shebib, gives us some insight on the situation between him and his ex-wife Kelis. Despite everything that is going on in his personal life, 20-year rap vet Nas managed to deliver a very solid project and it doesn’t seem like he will be slowing down any time soon.

Key Tracks: Accident Murderers, Loco-Motive, Daughters, The Don, Cherry Wine, Nasty

Life Is Good is available on iTunes or in stores now.




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