The Sport of Boxing Knocked Out By Judges

posted by motorj77 June 11, 2012

My personal opinions on the sport of Boxing and the events that occurred this past Saturday….

What the hell happened this Saturday? Did the judges really give Bradley the win over Pacquiao?Anyone that saw the fight clearly saw a one sided fight, with Pac-Man being on the winning side. He landed nearly 100 punches more with 253 punches landed to Bradley’s 159. This wasn’t because he threw more punches. Manny landed 34% of his punches, while Bradley landed a mere 19%. When it came to power punches, Manny landed nearly 39%. Wow!  He won at the very least 10 of the 12 rounds if not 11. I dont see how the judges could have a score of 115-113, let alone with Bradley on the winning side.

Bradley deserved to fight Manny, no doubt. He has proved to be one of the best fighters. BUT, he was no match for Manny. Pac-Man dominated the entire fight. None of Bradley’s punches even seemed to affect Manny. As fans we always look for those eye-popping blows. Most of these moments involved Manny landing a hard right or a nice hook on Bradley. Manny seemed to take it easy in the later rounds. It was almost as if he was having fun with Bradley. I pictured a big brother letting his little brother think he was doing well in a fight. Even with him laying off, he still won the rounds.

I give Bradley a lot of credit. He stood his ground and didn’t back off. He would get hit with a nice left from Pac-Man and come back swinging. While he attacked a lot and fought courageously, he didn’t land much.    Im positive that the biggest boxing fan and the person who just watches because their friends watched it would both agree that Manny won. Keep in mind Lederman had Manny winning 119 to 109.

Manny haters will say that its karma for getting the victory over Marquez. I am one that believes that Marquez won at least one of the fights. Lederman scored the last fight 115-112 with Pac-Man winning. Opinions can go either way when it comes to the Pac-Man vs Marquez fights because of how close they were. However, the Pac-Man vs Bradley fight was not that close. Not anywhere close to those fights.

Personally, I have lost a lot of interest in Boxing. The circus revolving around Manny and Floyd, the way Floyd beat Victor Ortiz and now this fight have made it difficult to want to continue watching boxing. Guys like Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan keep hopes alive, but decisions like the one that took place Saturday don’t. As one friend says, January 9, 2012 may be the night that Boxing died.



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