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The Black Keys Release Their ‘Film’ for “Gold On The Ceiling”

posted by Oscar June 1, 2012

The Black Keys have partnered with director Harmony Korine to release a “film” for their latest single, “Gold On The Ceiling.” The band has become one of the most highly regarded acts in all of music in the last few years so, naturally, they get to be as weird as they’d like now and they are more than able to get away with it. 

The still picture above is evidence enough of how much more different and quirky this new release is compared to the previous version which was essentially concert footage. Harmony Korine’s artistic style is more than evident in the video made by the (as David Letterman dubbed him) “pleasantly-weird” director.  This isn’t the first time we see these Ohio rockers release a funny, quirky videos that do not necessarily reflect the music playing in the background. Perfect examples of this are “Tighten Up,” Next Girl,” and “Lonely Boy.”

Enjoy the new film!


(with a side of)



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