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Recap: The Blackout Diaries

posted by Oscar June 14, 2012

Last night I stopped by the Lincoln Lodge as they hosted a special edition of the Blackout Diaries in part of the Just For Laughs Chicago ’12 festival. The kick to this special event was that those who had purchased tickets, showed up to the venue without prior knowledge of what comedians would go on to hit the stage.

According to the Just For Laughs website, The Blackout Diaries is an interactive comedy show where people tell real stories, mostly about drinking. Then you, the audience, can ask the performers questions. It’s a hilarious blend of stand-up, improv, multimedia (photos/videos from events are often displayed) and, most importantly, a combination of real people – cops, teachers, engineers – telling stories alongside some of the nation’s most respected stand-up comics. The show is produced in conjunction with Chicago Underground Comedy and is regularly presented the final Saturday of every month at The Beat Kitchen.

Yesterday’s edition was hosted by Sean Flannery, with the special guests of the night including some of the best stand-up comedians around, all of which had a Chicago past. Last night we had Chicago natives Kyle KinaneHannibal Buress, & Matt Braunger along with Flannery’s “rocket scientist” pal. Stories included Kinane’s insane roommate who had changed his name to simply be “Luz” (Spanish for “light”) and the time he gave up smoking, thanks to cocaine. Buress spent a little less time onstage, with his story about his encounters with the “North Side” CPD. Braunger’s stories also

The Lincoln Lodge, which is mainly a diner, will be hosting the Chicago debut of one of the most exciting shows in the festiva: Set List. Set List is a show where the comedians don’t know what they’ll be talking about until they walk on stage and the topics are handed to them! We are yet to know exactly who will participate in the show, but when the show has appeared at other festivals some very big headline talent has showed up to test their improvisational skills!

For more information about Set List click here.



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