College Football Announces Playoff System

posted by Raulito June 21, 2012

On Wednesday, June 20th 2012, the 10 major conference commissioners along with the AD for Notre Dame Jack Swarbick agreed to terms by setting a four-team college football playoff. The new proposal would include two national semifinals that will be incorporated into the current bowl system on a rotating basis. The group, which met in Chicago for the fifth time since the national championship game, agreed that the national championship game would be bid on in a process similar to the Super Bowl and it could be played anywhere, even in cold weather cities like Chicago and New York.

The four-team playoff plan will be presented to the Presidential Oversight Committee next Tuesday in Washington. If the committee likes the proposal, the first college football playoff would start in 2014. It would finally replace the current BCS system that is in place in college football since 1998.

I like the way that college football is moving towards a playoff system. It is defiantly a progress to say the least. The only issue that I see with the four-team playoff is that it will jeopardize some of teams in the same fashion as the current system does. Many great teams might get left out because of the one or two losses on their schedule. This was the case last year for Oregon, Wisconsin and Stanford. I think that college football will eventually evolve into an eight or even sixteen team playoff a decade or two down the road, until now lets keep our fingers crossed that this proposal gets accepted by the committee.



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