The “Dream Team’s” Only Loss Is Revealed

posted by Oscar May 10, 2012

It seems the original “Dream Team” wasn’t as invincible as we originally thought…

According to the NY Times, a new documentary is set to be released on the 20th Anniversary of that magical side winning the Gold Medal at the 1992’s Olympic Games in Barcelona this following 13th of June. The documentary, “NBA TV’s The Dream Team, presented by Right Guard,” will be shown on the league’s network and will highlight that scrimmage game against a group of up and coming college players and has now rewritten the sporting history books.

Just who featured on the “Collegians” side? Grant Hill, Bobby Hurley, Penny Hardaway and Chris Webber, to name a few. The side led by Coach Chuck Daly was seemingly led towards defeat on purpose, being that the coach’s plan that game was to demonstrate to his team that they could lose in international competition. The losing squad in that scrimmage featured 11 future basketball Hall of Famers and a lesson well-learned.

The documentary will also feature another film gem of the process the “Dream Team” had as preparation for the ’92 Olympics, that being footage from another well-known scrimmage game: Michael Jordan’s team against Magic Johnson’s in Monte Carlo.

Be sure to tune-in and/or set your DVR to NBA TV on June 13 and see the historic event that was captured in film and finally being released from the vaults!



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