Cubs, Sox… Are We Watching the Same Team?

posted by motorj77 May 17, 2012

Doesn’t matter whether you are a Cubs or Sox fan, when you tune in to the game, you are watching the same team. Thus far, both teams are playing below .500 baseball. Not that there was much hope for either team, but both teams seem destined to finish below or right around .500.  As a fan, it has already been a roller-coaster ride.  We see signs of hope for a few games, then all the sudden we are disgusted with our team.

The Cubs and Sox seem to be identical teams. Both teams are struggling to score runs and to hold onto leads. As of May 15th, both teams have allowed more runs than they have scored. Both teams are in the bottom half in runs scored and batting average.  When it comes to slugging and on base percentage both teams find themselves –you guessed it– in the bottom half of the league. The Cubs and Sox are both being led by 2 or 3 guys on the team. Konerko, Dunn and Pierzynski (whom has slowed down) have led the Sox. The Cubs are being led by LaHair, Castro and late call up, Campana. Every team has a superstar or even two, but to win consistently, both the Cubs and Sox need better play from the rest of the guys.  It is still early, and other players will come around, but as of now, both of these teams are struggling offensively.

Defensively, the Sox are doing much better then the Cubs with eight fewer errors thus far.  The Cubs have improved defensively, as most of the teams errors came in the beg of season. Pitching has been the same story for both teams. While their starting pitching has been great for most of the season, neither bullpen has been able to succeed consistently. As the season nears the end of the first quarter of play, the Cubs and Sox find themselves in the middle of the pack in ERA. The starting pitching could easily put them at the top, but as mentioned before, the bullpen brings them right back down. The Sox have received great pitching from Peavy, Sale and Floyd but have had bad performances from Danks and Humber (perfect game pitcher). As for the Cubs, Dempster, Samardzija and Maholm have done very well. Garza has been both good and bad but Volstad has been terrible for at least one inning each game. Both teams have struggled to find the right closer, having removed their opening day closer from the role.

Baseball season in Chicago does typically start off slow because of the weather. There are some bright spots for both teams and with the weather heating up it, the players will start to heat  up. The Sox will be on the North Side this weekend for their annual visit.  Let the rivalry begin! Play Ball!



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