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BEATS – Summer Music Series 5.24.12 Roundup

posted by jncova May 30, 2012


Last week, the inaugural event for the BEATS–Summer Music Series kicked off at Red Kiva with a diverse set of music and kicks.  Producer Thelonious Martin, Singer/Songwriter Natalie Oliveri, and DJ Vic Lloyd of LDRS 1354 provided the night’s sounds and performances.  Reebok was also present celebrating the release of Allen Iverson’s iconic Question Mid shoe.  The event was graciously sponsored by Reebok, Ciroc Vodka, Red Bull, Blast by Colt 45, Rocksmith, LDRS 1354 and SuccezZ The Store.

BEATS infused a mix of musical sounds and musicians in a relaxed and chill environment to which its guests could vibe to and mingle.  The venue, Red Kiva, was fashionably dressed with numerous and colorful Reebok kicks while its walls were adorned with various pieces of art.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of Reebok’s showcased kicks.

Now for the main event: the music!  The setup for the music series was smooth and welcoming, and the musical lineups graced our eyes and ears with captivating sounds.

DJ VIc Lloyd (@VicLloyd)

DJ Vic Lloyd did a great job of setting the ambiance for the event.  He masterfully mixed classic throwback hip-hop tunes alongside the occasional modern hip-hop track.  Vic Lloyd kept the crowd vibin’ before the musical performances started and between sets.  His skills and musical selection entertained the BEATS Summer Music Series crowd and kept everyone happy while sipping on their Diddy inspired Ciroc drinks.

Thelonious Martin (@kingthelonious)

Thelonious Martin was the first artist to perform.  He went up on stage and completely owned his craft and produced beats that kept the crowd vibin’ and engaged.  While his sound is harmonious in its own unique way, Thelonious’ style is influenced by Hip-Hop’s greatest producers.  To his credit, Thelonious possesses a good ear for dope beats and sick productions.  Furthermore, his talents have allowed him to work with the likes of artists such as Million Dollar Mano, Action Bronson, and Kids These Days, just to name a few.  Be on the lookout for more of Thelonious’ original productions; he’s on the righteous path to production royalty.

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Natalie Oliveri (@natalieoliveri)

Two things stood out from Natalie’s performance: her soulful voice and her alluring percussionist.  Natalie sang a few songs that showcased her sultry voice and emotionally packed lyrics.  You could feel Natalie’s emotions as she sang her stories, but more importantly, you could see her raw talent emanating from the stage.  Natalie had a percussionist and a guitarist alongside her.  The female percussionist seduced the crowd with her tantalizing beats juxtaposed next to Natalie’s sultry vocals.  Together, Natalie and her musical clan created an enchanting musical performance for all to witness.

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BEATS – Summer Music Series will host events on a monthly basis.  Stay on the lookout for show announcements and dope coverage.



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