Will Every Chicago Sports Team Eventually be Playoff Teams??

posted by motorj77 April 24, 2012

Will we see a day in which every Chicago sports team will play during a postseason during the same year? It sure seems that way. Chicago fans will have a lot to cheer for in a few years. It doesn’t matter what sport you enjoy watching, there will be post season play in the near future.

The Bulls are set to make the playoffs every year for several years. The Bulls locked in D. Rose and also have very good young talent to build around him. Basketball fans can look forward to watching their team play at least a few extra games every year. Out of all of the sports teams in Chicago, the Bulls have the best chance to win a title.  Lets hope this happens multiple times. 7 times to be specific. D. Rose, Noah and Deng seem to be the core with whom to build around. They also have the likes of Gibson, Asik and Butler for the future. Boozer can have a big impact on the Bulls future but with all the trade talk surrounding his name, his status is questionable. For now the Bulls seem ready for the playoffs, but may still be one main acquisition away from winning the title. (at least multiple times)  Best wishes to the Bulls! I know I’m ready for turn the post season.

The Bears seem to be on the way to the post season as well. It may not happen next year but they are building a team that can consistently make the playoffs. Cutler seems to be back on track and his offensive line seemed to be much improved. The Bears signed Marshall and will probably look to sign another receiver. The Bears need to sign Forte to a long-term contract if they do want to succeed. The Bears will be challenged with teams like the Packers and Lions in their division but they definitely have a chance to make the playoffs every year. Football fans also have a lot to look forward  to in the upcoming years.

The Blackhawks have made the playoffs for several years now and have a lot of talented youth. If they can hold on to guys like Toews and Kane they can continue to contend. The last two post seasons have not been what fans have expected. However they will continue to improve and contend. Lets hope we can celebrate another Stanley Cup soon.  I believe that the Hawks have to improve in certain areas. First, the defense has been shaky. They cant seem to hold a lead. Second, Crawford doesn’t seem to be the answer in the net.  He isn’t a terrible goaltender but he seems to choke during the playoffs. Lets hope experience fixes this if the Hawks do keep him around. Cant wait to celebrate another Stanley Cup.

The Fire has struggled the last few years but have proven to be a playoff contender. They have won the MLS title one time and the U.S Open Cup 4 times in 14 seasons. They have made the playoffs 11 times in 14 season.  The Fire have been one of the most successful sports organizations in Chicago. They have also gone under the radar in Chicago because of all the other sports teams. The Fire will improve and contend for another title very soon. The future is bright for Soccer fans as well.

The White Sox have proven to be playoff contenders. They won a World Series in 2005 when no one expected them too and have made the playoffs several times since. The White Sox seem to contend even when in rebuilding mode. They have enough veteran players to contend but also have young talent that will be the core of the future. Robin Ventura is only in his first year as manager so he still has to prove that he can manage a big league team. However, with leaders like Konerko, young players have good guidance. White Sox fans have a lot to look forward to. The Tigers have bulked up and have a really good team but the competition ends there. The Indians seem to have a good team but the only team with a bright future seems to be the Royals. White Sox fans can breathe easy, the Sox should be able to contend for a playoff team almost every year.

Lastly, the Cubs seem to be on the right path. While they do not have enough talent to compete in the next couple years, they do have enough young talent to build a team around for the near future. In a few years, the Cubs will have rid themselves of all of their bad contracts. The Cubs will have money to spend and it might be spent correctly for the first time in a long time. With Jed Hoyer and Jason Mcleod, the Cubs seem to have the right people to build a great farm system. A good farm system means good players and little money spent. The Cubs seem to have a bright future and should build a team that will contend on yearly basis for a playoff spot. The Cubs have played very poorly as of late. This coming after being swept two years in the playoffs. I believe that the Cubs will contend. It may take several years but it will happen. In Theo We Trust!

Chicago fans have a lot to look forward to. Being a sports fan will be very exciting in just a few years. We will have many post season to look forward to and many chances to win titles. Lets hope Chicago becomes the sports capital.



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