Donald Glover’s Comedy Special Now On Sale

posted by Oscar April 17, 2012

Donald Glover’s standup comedy special is now available for sale and download!

One of the funniest men on television right now gives comedy fans another taste of why he’s earned those compliments. The entertainment industry’s multi-threat (he’s a writer, standup comic, actor, music producer and a rapper) came out with a comedy special last year and it’s now on sale. The comedy special, “Weirdo,” first appeared on Comedy Central and now us fans have the privilege of purchasing our own copy to enjoy whenever we please.

According to fans who were at the live show and have purchased this copy, the Comedy Central version was edited to fit within their scheduling and so this copy will include scenes that were previously unseen by those who only watched it on the television network. Fans of the very excellent Community, brace yourselves for a completely different sense of humor if you are to purchase this, so don’t say you haven’t been warned! All in all, it’s filled with plenty of quotable material and enough to keep you rolling for the entirety of the set.

Purchase your copy on iTunes or Amazon and make sure to follow Donald Glover on  twitter.

Here’s a clip of what you’ll find with your purchase:

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