Why Wouldn’t D Howard Want To Come To Chicago?

posted by motorj77 March 14, 2012

Really? There is an NBA Player that doesn’t want to play in Chicago? What is wrong with this guy?  You probably know who I’m talking about by now.  If not, I’m referring to D. Howard! I have the utmost respect for this man, but I can’t understand why he wouldn’t want to play in Chicago. Seriously? 

Chicago is on the verge of reaching the same playing level as the Bulls of the 90’s…. mid 90’s that is. I know it may be a stretch to compare them to the Bulls of the 90’s, but with the results this team is delivering, it’s getting hard not to. The Bulls currently have the best record in the NBA and they have proven so far that they can win more games throughout season than the HEAT. The Bulls have a young team and they have a bright future ahead. Rose is yet to enter his prime and already has an MVP award. Deng and Noah are only just entering their top form. They  have a bench full of rookies and young players that are ready to provide an explosive impact on the court in the NBA.  Provided they keep this core of key players, the Bulls will be impressive for years to come.

Now, lets talk about the city of Chicago. Who wouldn’t like a city like Chicago? Granted the weather is crazy and unpredictable, the night life in Chicago is absolutely amazing year-round.  Chicago offers great places to eat, tourist attractions, and a great variety of spots to party at. I’m pretty sure D. Howard likes to party. I can also say that Chicago women are beautiful. Throughout a long season, Howard can always find a place to relax or a place to party at. No matter how Howard is feeling, Chicago offers something for him. There is a reason why the G.O.A.T still owns a home in Chicago.

Chicago offers him the best chance to win a title. With teams like the Heat and Thunder becoming two of the best teams in the NBA, I don’t see any other team that can give Howard the chance to win a title. He is not going to win one in Brooklyn, L.A, N.Y, let alone in Orlando. Maybe Howard doesn’t care to win a title. It seems like he just wants to be where the spotlight is at. That is terrible. The greatest players in the game, played the game to win.

My opinion is that these NBA Superstars are scared to come to Chicago because of D. Rose. It’s clear that D. Rose is the best player on the Bulls and the face of the Franchise. These guys want to go where they would be the best player and have all the spot light. How about this Howard. You can be the Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan. There is no problem with that. At the end of your career you can walk around with 6 rings.  I’m sure any of the 90’s Bulls can get in anywhere and get full service. Today’s Bulls will have the same when their career is over. You have the chance to be one of these Bulls.  Make it happen!



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