Jordan 6ix Rings

posted by jmunoz4806 March 4, 2012

You know with all the craze that went on with the Cement IV’s that were released a week ago, I just couldn’t help thinking, are these shoes worth all that hype!? So I thought I would switch it up a bit. I think the 6ix rings put the Cement IV’s to shame. Don’t get me wrong the Cement IV’s are DOPE but, I personally prefer the 6ix Rings over them any day of the week. Originally released in 2008, the 6ix Ring Jordan’s are a combo of all the different shoes “HIS AIRNESS” Michael Jordan wore while winning his six titles. I think that concept alone is amazing. Nike released them in various color schemes, including one for each team the Chicago Bulls beat in the finals. The black and grey’s are my personal favorite.  No matter which J’s you rock, as long as Chicagoans keep paying homage to the the greatest that ever lived, we should be fine with the sneaker gods. 6ix Rings for life!!




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