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Bar Review: Crocodile

posted by jmunoz4806 March 17, 2012

So this lounge/bar Crocodile is, let’s just start off by saying, the shit!! It’s located on the 1500 N. block of Milwaukee, just steps away from the famous 6 corners of Wicker Park. There’s a very chill, laid back type of feel to this spot. As soon as you walk in, you can feel it in the air.

They charge $5 a beer, just like any other North Side/Downtown spot, but the thing that sets this place apart is that for every $5 you spend you get a 10” personal pizza; and who doesn’t love pizza? Especially when you’re sitting back having a couple cold ones. If you want another beer, go up and get it and on your way to the back grab another pizza. It’s as simple as that; just make sure you get separate receipts for every drink you get.

Another interesting thing, not sure how I feel about it, but in the back area they have a 42” LCD playing soft core porno. LMAO, like I said I’m not too sure why because there’s not even dancing, grinding, or any real contact going on in this place, but none the less it’s there. No BS, no gimmicks in this place, it’s the perfect place to end the night if you’re hungry and want to have a couple more beers. I know you guys are probably thinking the pizza probably tastes like cardboard, but it’s actually pretty good. I recommend all you Chicagoans go check this place out at least once. You won’t regret it. It gets my stamp of approval.

Drinks- $

Ambiance- 5

Pizza- 5

Service- 5




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