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Quest for the Best DJ

posted by jncova February 23, 2012

There is no better way of experiencing the realness of hip-hop than amongst the company of the craft’s key elements.  The mic, the breakdancing, and the turn tables were all instrumental components to Vocalo’s Quest for the Best DJ Competition.  One element was missing: Graffiti.  However, one can argue that every DJs style, flavor, and musical selections colored the environment just as a spray paint would decorate a brick wall.

Enter Vocalo.  Vocalo’s DJ Collective was in search for an additional piece to their musical masterpiece composed of eclectic DJs.  Vocalo hosted a competition at The Shrine and brought all of its finalists to battle it off on the turn tables.  Seven finalsits, all from diverse backgrounds colors, styles, and swag brought their “A” game.  Each DJ took the crowd on a different journey through different songs, beats, decades, genres, scratches, and soundbites.  With fifteen minutes on the clock, each DJ had nothing to lose and everything to prove.

Here’s a snippet of how each DJ brought the house down.

DJ Ambideckstriks:

Set started off with a sexy soul/funk vibe, then he switched it on the crowd and turned into Chicago:  house music, juke bouncing, record scratching.

DJ Cab:

This DJ wanted to tell a tale of two cities: Chicago and Miami.  Which one would prevail?  Neither.  Cab seamlessly transitioned from songs that were MIA/CHI anthems while infusing his latin/dance flare into the mix.  Cab brilliantly took the crowd through the journey of his two cities and managed to get the club jumpin’ along the way.

John Simmons:

Vinyl.  ‘Nuff said.  Very few DJs still master the art of mixing off of vinyl.  John Simmons not only brought the house down with House music, soul, and funk, but it is the way he brought them all together that really made him shine.  John displayed tremendous amounts of versatility in musical selections, transitions, and scratches, but he was a true mover of the crowd.  His flow and energy really made the go bananas while dancing and having a good time to the beat of his sounds.

DJ Intel:

Intel is a true lover of all music.  His eclectic selection of tunes ranging from rock, to hip hop, to soul, and rap made him rise to the top of this competition.  His technicalities and mixing skills were so flawless, one could not even tell when he would switch the track up.  It was that seamless!  Intel knows his music, but even more so, knows how to bring various sounds and beats together for one badass work of musical art!

Shazam Bangles:

At first Shazam started off choppy, but as his set progressed, it became smoother and full of rhythm.  His music spanned across genres, but had a consistent sound.  He was really playing for himself and not feeding off of the crowd’s energy.  I would have liked to see him rock the crowd more.


It doesn’t get more worldly than this DJ!  NewLife brought rhythmic beats and tunes from across the world.  Mad props to New Life for bringing a newfound appreciation to global sounds here on American soil.  He mixed, he scratched, he rocked the crowd all through an international musical journey.

Shred One:

Not only was Shred One the only lady DJ reppin’ in this competition, but she kept a calm and cool persona while spinning a soulful and funky mix.  Her transitions were on point and her sound was consistent.  She definitely is skilled at her craft.

As a member of the audience, it was extremely difficult to pick just one favorite.  I like to believe that I have a love affair with music, and quite frankly, all of these DJs didn’t help me end my infidelities.  After the judges deliberated, the verdict was a three-way spin-off to determine the winner.  Intel, Shazam Bangles, and John Simmons were the chosen three.  The crowd received an additional six minutes with these DJs and each one brought their elite game to this spin-off.  The verdict:  Shazam Bangles was crowned the next member of Vocalo’s DJ Collective.

…but WAIT, there’s more!  The judges selected two winners.  One they were certain of, and the other they needed a second listen to. DJ Shred One was the other DJ selected to be a part of the collective!  Yes, ladies and gents, there were two winners, but honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these cats.  They are the best of the best.  Go check them out on Twitter and support their local shows!

Long live music.  One love.

To get a better look inside the life and sounds of these DJs, check them out below:


John Simmons:



Shazam Bangles:


Shred One:



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