New Album: WZRD

posted by Alberto February 28, 2012

Kid Cudi’s new album “WZRD” has officially hit iTunes today.

I’m saying iTunes because Kid Cudi just announced on twitter that his label only released 55,000 physical albums, so your best chance at getting the album would be through iTunes. Kid Cudi’s follow up project to MOTM II has finally been released and its definitely a great addition to his catalog. The production on the album is great and is produced in its entirety by Dot Da Genius, who has produced previous Kid Cudi records like Day N Night and Marijuana among others. Both of them together make up the group WZRD and the self-titled project is 11 tracks long with 10 actual songs.

It’s a noticeably different Kid Cudi album and to his defense he had been hinting that this project would be completely different from his previous work. The album has more off a rock feel to it and Kid Cudi sings on the entire album and doesn’t rap once. Cudder singing shouldn’t be a surprise to his fans, but not rapping at all is. The lyrics are still there, but I’m not going to lie and say I don’t miss him rapping. Overall, its still a great album and here’s to hoping he’s going through the same phase Kanye went through with 808’s and that he gets back to rapping and singing on his next MOTM album. Purchasae “WZRD” on iTunes here.





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