A Decade of Excellence

posted by Alex February 22, 2012

2012 is an exciting year for Crooks and Castles. The New Year marks a whole decade in existence for the brand. The people at Crooks and Castles, have came out with their spring 2012 clothing line. It seems as if they were influenced by the football casual movement back in the 80’s and 90’s.

I was really excited to see that Crooks and Castles used the casual style as inspiration for the Spring. I myself was really into Green Street Hooligans, Football Factory, and Cass for a few years. The attention to detail on the new line looks great. My personal favorite has to be the blue Letterman Jacket and Cardigan.

Whether you are going out for some drinks with friends or on a date in the city with the steady, Crooks and Castles always has something for you.

Check out my favorite clip from Green Street Hooligans, which is used by Crooks and Castles.

Also, check out Crooks and Castle’s Spring 2012 line as senior designer, Emil Soriano styles it off.




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